A message from Dr. May

Dear clients, friends, extended family of Pearland Pet Health Center,

Over 17 years ago, Jodi and I began the process of fulfilling my life’s dream of owning a veterinary clinic. We worked together during that time to purchase land, develop a business plan, borrow a bunch of money, and plan and build a hospital. Finally, on March 15, 2006, I opened my very own veterinary clinic. We had no promise that even one person would come in the doors, but we operated on our faith in God and the old adage, “If you build it they will come.”

Kit Berry, my longtime friend and sidekick, was the only paid employee that first Tuesday morning. Jodi and my mom shared the receptionist duties, Mom during the morning hours and then Jodi would join us after teaching school all day. My two boys, Ryan and Reagan, also played a vital role in those early days taking care of the furry guests and keeping the building clean. It was truly a family affair. We spent a lot of time at 10525 Hughes Ranch Road as a family. They gave up a lot for my dream. Thank you, guys. You are the love of my life, my pride and joy, and the wind beneath my wings.

Thankfully all of you did come. Early on, it was my clients from inside the 610 Loop, the inner loopers I like to call them. Y’all supported me and trusted me with your furry family members by driving 20-30 minutes, often enduring traffic jams, when there were many very good veterinarians much closer to your homes. Most of you still make the drive even though the traffic has grown worse. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

In addition to the inner loopers, we gradually had the locals trickle in. Slowly at first, but more and more as time went on. So much so that just one year later we added Dr. Post to our family. He is not only a great veterinarian, but he has become a wonderful friend. Our common faith in the God of heaven and Jesus Christ has helped strengthen our bond and made working together a pleasure, even though at times I am sure he would like to have choked me.

Thanks, brother, for tolerating and loving the sometimes unlovable all these years. We have had some other great veterinarians be a part of our family over the years, but most recently we have added Doctors Marriot, Roseman, and Rodney. In addition, our support staff is second to none. Analiyah, Ari, Dawn, Elizabet, Haylie, Huyen, Jackie, Judith, Kara, Katie, Laurie, Lexi, Lisa, Marissa, Millie, Patricia, Phyllis, Randy, Reilly, Shelbey- you guys are awesome! Thanks for all you do. I also owe a special thanks to Kit. Really there are no words to express my appreciation of your friendship. You have been my calm when in a storm and my strength when weak. Thanks. I love you.

Finally, I have said all of this to say that Jodi and I have decided it is time to pursue some other dreams, like watching grandkids grow, seeing all the National Parks in our “new” 1994 Airstream, and spending more time at the farm. In order to do these things, I will be retiring at the end of January. This would not be possible if all of you; family, inner loopers, locals, veterinarians, and support staff had not been so supportive of my dream. I thank you all for making Pearland Pet Health Center a part of your lives.

I leave the clinic under the great leadership of Dr. Post, Chief Medical Officer, and Kit, Practice Manager. They have been fulfilling these roles for the last 12 months and are doing an awesome job. I will likely be around some.

I would be remiss if I failed to give all the glory to my great God who has so richly blessed me. I recommend Him and his son, Jesus, to you.

Thanks again,



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