Boarding Your Pet At Pearland Pet Health Center


You may drop your pet off at any time between 7:00am – 5:30pm on your scheduled drop off day (Saturdays 8:00am – 12:30pm). We understand that your time is valuable, so for a quicker check-in, we encourage you to have a copy of our boarding form filled out and bring it with you. You can find a copy of this form on our website at For a faster check-out, we encourage you to either call ahead with a credit card number or to leave a credit card on file with us at check-in, so we may have your paperwork and receipt ready and waiting for you upon departure. Pick up time is after 11:00am only on your scheduled departure date.


Because we treat animals, as well as board them at our clinic, we want to make sure your pet leaves as healthy as when he or she comes in. We are here for the health of everyone’s pets, and that is why we require that all pets be current on all vaccinations to stay with us. The vaccines required for dogs are Rabies, DHPP, Flu (both H3N8 & H3N2), Bordetella and a Fecal. (Bordetella and Fecal must have been done within past 6 months). Cats require Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. If your pet is not current on these, we will be happy to update these vaccines when you drop him or her off for their stay. If vaccines were given elsewhere, we must have written proof upon check-in, prior to you leaving your pet with us.


There is a limit of two (2) personal items, including pet beds, toys, etc. Please do not bring food or water bowls. We will return your leash and collar upon check in. Please take into consideration that since we have many pets staying with us. These pets are both being hospitalized and boarding with us. Due to this, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of your personal items, therefore, we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items that you leave with us. Leaving these items are at your own risk. Please do NOT bring anything that is dear to you.


Dogs go outside 2 – 3 times daily for potty breaks and exercise. On days that are a bit slower and nice outside, we do take the dogs out a few extra times to stretch their legs and run off some excess energy. The extra playtimes like this are no charge; however, if you would like to request extra playtimes no matter what, feel free to do so when checking in. There is an extra $9.46 per playtime, weekdays only.


We feed all cats and dogs boarding with us Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry food. If you would like to keep your pet on a specific food, please bring his or her food with you. If you normally mix wet food in with dry food, or feed wet food only, please be sure to bring this with you. Please make sure to bring enough food for the duration of the stay. If you would like us to use our cans of food, there will be an additional charge. Upon check in, we will ask for specific feeding instructions, including food amount and frequency of daily feedings so we may keep your pet’s routine as close to normal as possible.


Please bring ALL medications that your pet regularly takes. (You do not need to bring heartworm or flea preventatives, unless, your pet is due while here with us). Upon check-in, we will ask for specific instructions on these medications, even if they were prescribed by us. There is an additional charge of $5.50 per day for dispensing medication. If your pet requires insulin, please be sure to bring your own insulin and syringes, as we do not keep this in stock. There is an additional charge of $12.24 per day for giving insulin.


At Pearland Pet Health Center know you appreciate a clean dog to welcome home; therefore, a bath is required for all dogs staying with us for more than one night. It is hard to predict if a dog is going to get dirty due to walks in the mud, or just plain fun with their water bowl. After a bath, your dog will relax in a warm air dryer and then gets treated to a pampering brush. We can also bathe your cat upon request, however, it is not required for cats. Sedation is sometimes the least stressful way to put your kitty in water and will be used if the doctor or staff feels the bath without sedation is just too much for kitty to handle. After the bath, your kitty will be warmed in our dryer and lavished by a good brushing. The following is the pricing for the bathing. We also include a complimentary nail trim for cooperative pets with all of our baths.

1 – 25 lbs, Short Hair: $32.10 … 26-50 lbs, Short Hair: $40.00 … Over 51 lbs, Short Hair: $47.40
1 – 25 lbs, Long Hair: $39.40 … 26-50 lbs, Long Hair: $45.10 … Over 51 lbs, Long Hair: $55.20


Without Sedation: $40.00 … With Sedation: $91.30


Below are our boarding rates – charged per pet per night. Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounted boarding rates, even if you request your pets to be boarded together in the same kennel. Prices do not include tax:

Dogs: $31.00 per night | Dayboard: $17.91
Cats: $26.00
Exotic Pets: $30.00 per night *
*Please make sure to call ahead and speak with us regarding your exotic pet before check-in, so we may go over with you what you need to bring for the duration of your exotic pet’s stay with us.